Robert Strauss / Odyssey Man EP

by Robert Strauss




"The concept of the 'Odyssey Man EP' was first conceived by me in 2006 as a way to bridge a lot of the more abstract, spacey hip-hop, and beat-oriented experimental music I was feeling, with the more song-based structure I had become known for.

I wanted this sound and street vibe to have access to a more mainstream Urban / Soul / R&B audience.

It took me a while to get the fusion just right, but I know we have a killer EP here, with possibly an album to follow"
- Robert Strauss




'Ayah' is an incredibly talented 22 year old Persian soul vocalist based in Toronto Canada.

"In a day when alot of people are looking for a light in the music shines really bright...Ayah has given me new found faith that soul music is very much alive...i can't wait to work with her..."
- Dj Jazzy Jeff


'Leroy Burgess' is the un-disputed king of 70's feel soul. Flip through any old stack of Disco & Boogie vinyl released between the late '70s and mid-'80s. If the name Leroy Burgess isn't in the credits of at least one out of the first 50 you scan, consider it a fluke. Despite the fact that Burgess released a grand total of one single under his own name, he had his hand in so many recording sessions that even devout fans had trouble keeping tabs on his activities. Even if Burgess never had a single note of his voice recorded, his value to black music (including the birth of house) would be firmly in place -- but it's this facet of his career that has gained him the most attention. A supremely expressive gospel-steeped baritone, Burgess belongs alongside the soul greats when it comes to conveying all the life-affirming joy that comes with blissfully surrendering to love. One Leroy Burgess song is likely to temporarily lift all the weight off your shoulders and strip you of cynicism.'
- Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Check Leroy's Lecture on Redbull Music Academy:


'Richie Henessey' along with a few others, is a name that has become near synonymous with Robert Strauss' music in the mid to late 2000's. A talented brother, and a true artist in his own right, Richie Henessey is an ever changing voice whose styles are bang on infectious. Whether rapping in Hop-Hop group Brassmunk, Singing as Richie Henessey in his 'Eddie Murphy Delirious-era Leather suit' or messing with your mind on one of his many recorded interlude characters namely 'Jeff the Dude', Richie adds some must have added depth for this excursion into some dubby existential soul.



All Music Written & Produced By Robert Strauss.
All Lyrics and Vocals written Featured Vocalists.


released November 3, 2009



all rights reserved


Robert Strauss UK

Canadian born, UK Based Robert Strauss, is a uniquely identifiable artist with a history dating back to his first Major- Label signing as a Singer/Songwriter in 1993. Known for a diverse range of styles and influences, Robert’s production signature has become synonymous with Authenticity & Soul. Robert’s Music has come to be championed by the worlds top DJs & Tastemakers alike. ... more

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